Agricultural Risk Management & Finance

About the Research Group

Our group is dedicated to decision tool development and applied analytics research for agricultural risk management, finance, and policy issues.

Current research projects and initiatives span a wide range of issues including agricultural policy analysis, agribusiness, agricultural finance, risk modelling, crop insurance market analysis, development economics, and climate change economics. Projects involve working with large scale empirical applications and integrate a variety of disciplines, typically with spatial data.

In addition to our AgDB data warehousing and integration services and products, we also have a variety of user tools.

This site is currently in alpha testing. We are currently looking for partners and collaborators. If interested, please contact us at if you have any questions or comments. You may also check out our AgDB concept document here

  • CripYield

    The Crop Yield web tool presents historical data relevant for climate change research at a county level detail. It allows the user to get historical crop yield distributions, historical weather data and future climate projections based on the IPCC consensus for 2050 and 2080. It also estimates future crop yield distributions given various CO2 emission scenarios.

  • DPMM

    The Farm Bill Dairy Margin Protection Program web tool provides examples of how the new margin protection program pays in different cases and provides figures for what the program would have paid historically based on producer-specific information.

  • CropInsruance

    Crop Insurance Premium Calculator

  • SpotPriceInterp

    Commodity Spot Price Interpolation